Testimonials / References

TESTIMONIALS from students & academies. Photos at the end.

I met Nic through a volunteering organisation in Malta. She gave me weekly lessons focusing on grammar, one of my big weaknesses in the English language. She even helped to find a tutor to help me with my homework. She also gave me English books to use for study. Nic made English lessons fun, but she also helped me find new friends on the island. My fondest memories of her is when she and her friends took me along on a boat trip.
Ibrahim. Libyan legend in Malta. Elementary
I got to know Nic during English classes in Siracusa (Italy). Before that, I had had English teachers at school and University who only taught me a lot of rules, new vocabulary and gave me a lot of exercises, but they didn't teach me English. That is the reason I hated English.
Nic's most important characteristic is to encourage her pupils, through speaking and looking for new interesting themes or topic for each student or the whole class.
I miss her enthusiasm, her jokes, her contagious smile, her games, which after one day of hard work, transform the lesson from something boring to something enjoyable and useful.
I remember when we played a game with plasticine. The students were in pairs and one student picked a piece of paper with a word written on it. The same student had to mold the Plasticine to make the other student understand the word. The other student tried guessing the word through asking questions in English. At the beginning, my colleagues and I enjoyed it, but we didn't understand why this game was useful to learn English.
Nic said that the Plasticine was just for those people who learned by doing, rather than reading and for students to think about all the vocabulary they knew in creative ways, rather than a boring way :-). She realized many people thought Plasticine was only for children, but why? She said that we can all learn in several ways.
All this mentioned above, summaries the way Nic is. I could tell you many other examples, but in a few words, I can say that Nic is a very good teacher and we are very very lucky to have had her as a teacher.
So, dear Nic, carry on and don't change, you are on the right teaching path.
Thank to Nic I have started enjoying English and therefore I have decided to improve my English knowledge
Sebastiano. Italy. Elementary.
Dear Nic, I want to say that this period of time was beautiful  when you were my english teacher. I am not young but during your lessons I felt very good because you always  praised me and this drives me to do better. Thanks for the songs, I liked them very much. For you a lot of kisses.
Imma. Italy. Beginner. 
I met Nic one year ago, when I arrived in Malta to improve my English. She´s very professional and capable as a teacher. She does very enjoyable classes, so you can learn very fast. Within months of her classes I learned more English than in my entire life and I found a job thanks to that. Thanks Nic!
Sandra. Spain. First Certificate Examination.
Nic is a beautiful woman and an extraordinary teacher. She is very polite and her lessons are funny and interesting. I loved studying with her!!!
Cristina. Italy. Elementary.
Nicola is qualified, professional and reliable. Her support for was important and effective. I highly recommend her in a professional role.
Luca Lanzanò. Italy.
Nic is the most prepared teacher and creative person I know. Learning English with her is simple and fun. Her communication skills, her passion and her radiance would make even martians speak English!
Nic e' l'insegnante  più' preparata e creativa che io conosca. Imparare l' inglese con lei e' semplice e divertente.
Le sue doti comunicative, la sua passione e la sua solarità farebbero parlare inglese persino ai marziani!

Valentino e Lorena from Milan
We had Nicola stay with us while living in Shanghai. She lived in our house for a period of three months approximately, and the experience was superlative. On top of herself behaving as one member of the family, her English lessons helped the whole family. She does have a deep knowledge of the subjects she teaches and her approach is always enthusiastic and motivates others to follow.
I would certainly recommend Nicola to anyone who is willing to learn English.
Oriol Tafanel. Barcelona, Spain.  
I met Nic three years ago. I wanted to improve my English and I took weekly speaking lessons with her. She motivated me a lot. She prepared each class finding interesting articles and topics, always related with my work and my needs. It was evident that she was interested in my progress and she prepared the lessons every day.  I miss her classes and the long conversations we had. I will definitely recommend her because of her professionalism 
Miquel Pujades. Barcelona, Catalunya. Advanced Business English.
I met Nicola in Australia some months ago. She was my favorite English Teacher in Sydney because she taught me in different way. Her method is very clear, she doesn't become your teacher, she becomes your friend. She mixes this enthusiastic way to teach with a perfect knowledge of the English language (grammar, pronunciation, speaking and written comprehension). The student's progressions are exponential. I'm pretty sure that the students who choose Nic as a teacher, improve English faster than others. I'll give you some advice: don't get the wrong English Teacher - get Nic!
Alfons Güell Baró. Spain. Business English.
Nicola is a great teacher who has always been much loved by both staff and students for her outstanding performance and charismatic personality. She is a responsible worker who not only met, but exceeded expectations in every aspect of the role. Her attitude towards her job has always been of the highest standard and she has always been a pleasure to work with. Any organisation would be lucky to have her as a member of staff!
Tisa Dartora. Brazil. Kaplan International.
Nicola is a fantastic ESL teacher. Especially her work with young learners is exceptional and kids love her. She uses innovative methods and makes learning English to be an enjoyable activity.
Peter Hlinican. Germany.
Try to imagine someone energetic, capable, active, friendly and enthusiastic... that is Nic! I love her teaching style, in the classroom and in private lessons, her love for languages. She is always happy and smiling, really helpful in and out of the lessons. She knows how to turn the lessons into pleasure of learning. Nic is more than a teacher... she's a good friend for everyone.
Michele Grande. Sicily, Italy. Upper Intermediate General English.
Nic, who is an affectionate and social person, was my teacher in Sydney. Nic has lots of sense of humour when she is teaching and she always creates many ways of presenting the class - her lessons are never boring. Nic can drive the atmosphere of the class so that every student works very hard. Additionally, Nic always tries her best to help each student with their own English problems - she gives us extra exercises for our weak points in grammar and she always focuses on what we need to improve. I'm a Primary school teacher in Macau and for me the most important part of teaching is passion. For sure Nic has plenty of passion in her teaching. I love Nic's lessons and her humorous teaching style.
Cecilia Tang. Macau, China. IELTS.
I came to Sydney almost one year ago and fortunately had Nic as my English Teacher. She taught me much more than just English ... She taught me how to be in love with this place and showed us her passion about teaching, different cultures and people!!! I'm very pleased to have had her as my teacher and more than this - my friend! Nic has a different way to teach and treat people! From her point of view nobody is different and with patience can captivate all of us. Thanks my teacher and friend for everything that you have done!!!
Pitchy. Brazil. Elementary - Intermediate General English.
Nic was the best teacher to learn English with in my time in Australia. She showed me the easiest way to learn. She always participates and influences students to know Australian places and people. She wasn't just a teacher, she was a good friend - a good companion for us. Nic helped me with everything and I'm very grateful to have had her as a great teacher and friend. She has patience, energy and she is so loved by everyone. Everybody loves her, especially Brazilians. I'm lucky to know her, she is an amazing person.
Dani Costa. Brazil. Upper Intermediate General English.
Nic was my teacher in Manly, Australia. Classes were really fun with her. She had new, interesting activities every day and it makes learning easy. She is really great at explaining the grammar and vocabulary. I had just great times and I miss her teaching. I can say that Nic was the best English teacher I've ever had and I've had a lot of teachers. :) 
Michal Peceny. Czech Republic. Intermediate General English.
To whom it may concern, Ms. Nicola Sola was my private English teacher from 2009 to 2011. She taught with dedication, commitment and to my full satisfaction. Ms. Sola helped me to increase my knowledge of English at a general level, and assisted me in the preparation of professional presentations and documents in the field of medicine. For her professionalism, commitment and teaching capacity, this letter serves as a personal recommendation for work. 
Dr. Josep Porta Sales, MD, PhD. Head of Palliative Care. Institut Català d’Oncologia. Spain.
Course evaluation: (The evaluation is very good, with a maximum of four. Yours sincerely, Sylvia Saborit). 3.80/4 Excellent: Group work; capacity to motivate the class; capacity to create social relationships within the group of students; reliability of the teacher; capacity to generate interesting conversations in English; capacity to assist students to practice new vocabulary and for the teacher to correct vocabulary; group cohesion
Summary of 9 students, Upper Intermediate English conversation. Fundacio Mil.lenario. Spain.
I would like to express my satisfaction of the English classes given by Nicola Sola for 1 academic year. After her course, my English is at an optimum level to fulfill my employment tasks and I can express myself very well in speaking as well as written. Nicola, as a teacher has demonstrated a perfect domination of the English language including skills in the areas of grammar, writing, spelling etc. She knows the best methods to teach and is always ready to help and to give new knowledge and new techniques to gain the best results in each class. 
Joan Marc Andrew i Perez. Conversation classes. Barcelona, Spain.
Doing a Private class with Nic is like spending a brief time with a trusted friend and just practicing a foreign language that you want to learn to speak with fluidity. She is fun, relaxed, very helpful by correcting instantly and with her you can also learn things from other cultures because she is Australian. Thank you Nic. 
Francis. Conversation Class, Advanced. Barcelona, Spain.
Who says English is difficult to learn? We always thought it was, especially before starting classes with Nic! Learning English by her side was a pleasure. Our classes with Nic were made easy because she is happy, smiling and eager to teach. During the 5 months of classes we have learned to express ourselves and understand English. In short, her energy has proven that to learn English is not so difficult. So many thanks Nic for helping us prepare for our trip, and also to be so excited about all our adventures. We hope to remain in contact. See you soon!
Anna and Caesar (Conversation Classes for traveling). Spain.
Hello everyone. I took a year to improve my English with Nic in private lessons once a week. My progress at this time, based on an intermediate level has been really good. I won in security, fluency and vocabulary. I not only appreciate Nic’s efficiency of classes, the professionalism and dedication of her friendliness, but the classes are very enjoyable and entertaining. Her capacity with native English is unmatched, both in her vocabulary, her accent and the infinite use of phrasal verbs. Thank you very much, Nic
Pepe. IELTS English conversation level / upper intermediate. Spain.
My name is Agustin Lleida. I am currently doing a Doctorate of Science in Physical Activity and Sport at the University of Barcelona. A year ago, for professional reasons I decided to try to improve my English through conversation with Nic. Since then my English has improved a lot so I am happy to take this opportunity to thank her. We completed 3 lessons a week throughout the year and the results were very satisfactory. Nic is a native English speaker and I think personally that you can not compare with an English teacher born in our country. By her nature and her friendliness, she has the ability to perform very enjoyable classes where you do not realize the time has passed. Every day she has prepared interesting conversation topics on which we worked. We ended up more as friends than a teacher-student so with this I think I summarize how happy I am after passing through Nic’s Academy. Without doubt I certainly recommend her. 
Agustin Lleida. Spain.
Hello everyone! I'm a mother of two children, a 9 year old and another 13, both went to the Fun English World, with Nic, and the truth is that they were happy. They were always eager to go to classes and left very happy. Thanks to this I have found that they have a much higher level of English at their school, the pronunciation is also much better, as they do classes with a native teacher! And in the classes they do not speak any Catalan! I recommend that everyone goes to Fun English World and Nic always takes care of all the details because your children want to learn English with ease
Alicia. Spain.
After-school classes are not always heavy if you have willingness to learn.  It is never easy to study English, but who says the classes are heavy? From the standpoint of a student it’s enough to understand that they want to learn more when teachers try to make classes more dynamic and lighter for them so learning the course is very good even to prepare for an exam. From my perspective I can say that I am happy in my English classes and that is difficult to find. Nic has a lot of enthusiasm to prepare me for the exam level and we go to class, learn and laugh for an hour! 
Nuria.Cambridge First Certificate. Spain.
At Fun English World, with Nic, I went to private classes in English, which was an hour well harnessed, focused on the need to learn and the atmosphere is very friendly and fun. I'm very glad I chose this option
Nuria. Business English and Conversation. Spain.
I've been having private lessons with Nic. I want to say, the system is fantastic and Nic is a great teacher, who works hard at learning all the concepts of the student. 
Manel. Intermediate Business English. Spain.
My name is Judith, and I'm Adriel's mother, a child of 4 years old who studied English with Nic in the course of Kindergarten. Just to say the system implemented by Nic in the teaching of English worked to perfection. It is very suitable for young beginners in English, because it works based on games, which makes the child want to go to classes, so have a great time, and is an enjoyable and fun way to learn. Moreover, the fact that children only speak English throughout the class, from beginning to end internalizes the language much better than a typical class where they are taught a foreign language together with Catalan. I can say that Adriel has made a very important advance in just one year, and that's why I recommend it to everyone. Thanks Nic! 
Judith (mother Adriel, 4 years old). Spain.
Ona loved your classes and she asks me to continue with you every time we talk about English (she is next to me now and she sends you a big kiss!!!). I really think you are a GREAT teacher. PLEASE, if you teach private lessons and you have ANY TIME, tell me because I am interested in you continuing with Ona (Keep my email!). I wish you the best. 
Laura (English teacher in a primary school). Spain.